Level System

Moda Vita is a teaching salon that mentors and educates our staff to our company’s standard of excellence and commitment to providing an exceptional client experience. We operate on a level system that accomplishes two objectives, more variety of options for our guests and a defined career path for the service provider. We work as team and  encourage our guests to try other providers if you are trying to accommodate a beauty budget or are just looking to try something different.

Our level system is based upon a variety of criteria with an emphasis on years of experience in the industry , advanced education completed and work experience here at Moda Vita. We offer the following level options for your beauty needs:


Our associates or either a candidate from a cosmetology school that was selected by our team after an intense interview process or a seasoned stylist who made a decision to be a part of the culture and values that Moda Vita provides. The associates go through a defined education program where they are mentored and trained by the highest level of service providers.


Stylist have successfully completed the associate training program and will have a specific educational platform designed specifically for them.


Advanced stylist have completed their advanced education in addition to accomplishing a number of specific goals while working here at Moda Vita.


Senior stylist not only have accomplished specific goals but have acquired additional education that they share with the team.


Master stylist have acquired advanced education and skills that have proven to have been the foundation for their successes in the industry. They not only share their knowledge but also mentor and are trainers for our associates.