Hair Cutting & Styling

Junior StylistStylistSeniorMaster
Special Occasion Curls$45+$45+$45+$45+
Special Occasion Braids/Partial Up-Do$55+$55+$55+$55+
Special Occasion Up-Do$65+$65+$65+$65+
Blowout $23+$26+$29+$32+
Add "Thermal Style" to Blowout$10+$10+$10+$10+
Beard Shaping$10+$10+$10+$10+
Bang Trim$10+$10+$10+$10+

Hair Color

Junior StylistStylistSeniorMaster
Add Blowout to Color Service$12+$12+$12+TBD
Color Camo for Men$35+$35+$35+$35+
Balayage | Ombre$90+$90+$90+$90+
Designer Color$90+$90+$90+$90+
Corrective Color $100+$100+$100+$100+
Glaze | Gloss | Toner$35+$35+$35+$35+

Texture & Treatments

Junior StylistStylistSeniorMaster
Designer Perms$90+$90+$90+$90+
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
1st service includes take home products
Keratin Blowout
lasts 3 to 6 months
Add Keratin Blowout to Color Service$95+$95+$95+$95+
Conditioning Treatments$15+$15+$15+$15+
Olaplex Treatment$30+$30+$30+$30+

Specialty Treatments

Calming Treatment for Sensitive Scalp$15+
Calming Shampoo, Vegetarian Miracle or Well-Being Conditioner, Calming Superactive
Rebalancing Treatment for Oily Scalp$15+
Detoxifying Superactive, Rebalancing Shampoo, Well-Being Conditioner
Well-Being Massage Treatment for All Hair Types$15+
Well-Being Massage Oil with Scalp Massage, followed with desired Davines Treatment
Nourishing Treatment for Extremely Dry, Damaged Hair$25+
Nourishing Shampoo, Restructuring Miracle, Vegetarian Miracle Condition (med-thick hair) or Living Enzyme Infusion (fine hair)
Purifying Treatment for All Types of Dandruff
Detoxifying Shampoo, Purifying Shampoo, Purifying Gel, Well-Being Conditioner
Energizing Treatment for Hair Loss$20+
Energizing Shampoo, Well-Being Conditioner, Energizing Superactive (for hormonal hair loss), Energizing Lotion (for stress & medically related hair loss)

Natural Clients / Protective Styles

Starter / Dread Locs$75+
Braids$50 - $70+
Kids Braids
beads are available upon request
$20 - $40+
Twist Out / Blow Outs$33+
Consultations are needed before booking these services


must supply your own hair to bring in for service
Box Braids$120 - $220+
Kids Box Braids$75 - $100+
threading only
Consultations are needed before booking these services

Facial Waxing | Lash & Brow Tinting

Brow Shaping$15+
Full Face$55+
Lash Tint$25+
Brow Tint$20+
Lash Lift$65+

Facials & Skin Care Treatments

Express Facial$45+
A quick skin pick me up with our organic Farmhouse Fresh product line. Includes a skin cleansing, exfoliation, toning, customized mask & moisturizing treatment.
Farmhouse Fresh Facial$75+
An antioxidant packed facial with Farmhouse Fresh products that are up to 99.6% natural, paraben & sulfate free. Proven to decrease fine lines & pore size. Includes a skin cleansing, exfoliation, toning, extractions if needed, facial & decollete massage, customized mask including organic pumpkin puree, honey and coconut milk, or rich chocolate, finishing with a moisturizing treatment.
Therapeutic Facial$85+
Customized for more congested or sensitive skin types. Using our all natural, fruit-based Skin Script product line along with ultrasonic therapy, this facial aids in cleansing & decongesting pores, clearing acne & soothing sensitive skin.
Anti-Aging Facial$85+
Customized and natural Skin Script facial for more mature skin types. Includes ultrasonic therapy to increase product penetration & effectiveness, promote collagen production, & combat visible signs of aging.
A gentle form of skin resurfacing with our diamond tip microdermabrasion technology. Improves skin texture & can reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
Red Light Mini Facial $45 (Series of 20 for $35 each)
A facial treatment using LightStim, an FDA approved LED technology, to combat wrinkles and other signs of aging. A combination of red, infrared, and amber lights promote collagen & elastin production, reduce the appearance of pore size, smooth texture, decrease redness and inflammation, and recapture your radiant glow.
Blue Light Mini Facial $45 (Series of 20 for $35 each)
A facial treatment using LightStim, an FDA cleared LED technology, to treat mild to moderate acne. Blue light destroys acne causing bacteria, while red light aides in healing and decreasing inflammation.
Back Facial$60+
Customized Skin Script facial that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and helps to clear and soothe blemished skin.
Packages are available (excluding mini facials)...Buy 3 and save 10%...Buy 5 or more and save $15%!


Express Manicure: $15
Basic nail maintenance with a polish application without the use of lotions or soaks.
Traditional Manicure$20+
Nails are trimmed and shaped. Cuticles receive full maintenance while being pushed back and cleaned. After a buff and shine, the hands are massaged with a moisturizing lotion and cuticle oil is applied. Finishing with a final cleansing of the nails and polish color of your choice.
Spa Manicure$25+
The full experience of our traditional manicure including a softening exfoliation of the hands.
Shellac Manicure$33+
The full experience of the traditional manicure including gel polish that is cured under a UV light. This service lasts up to two weeks and is dry upon end of service.
Seasonal Delight Manicure$35+
Indulge your senses any time of year with this delicious treatment. Includes every bit of our spa experience but with much more. Using our Farmhouse Fresh soaks, scrubs, masks and butters, your enjoyment of the season will reach new heights. Our luxury seasonal delight services are sure to bring the essence of the season to you.
Express Pedicure: $25
Basic nail maintenance with a polish application without the use of lotions or soaks.
Traditional Pedicure$35+
Indulge in the relaxation of our warm whirlpool footbath. Nails are trimmed and shaped. Cuticles receive full maintenance while being pushed back and cleaned. Tough dry skin and calluses are softened by a pumice pad and a luxurious leg and foot scrub. After a buff and shine, the feet and calves are massaged with a deeply moisturizing lotion or oil. Finishing with a final cleansing of the nails and polish color of your choice.
Spa Pedicure$43+
The full experience of our traditional pedicure including a skin conditioning mud mask and hot towel wrap.
Seasonal Delight Pedicure$50+
Indulge your senses any time of year with this delicious treatment. Includes every bit of our spa experience but with much more. Using our Farmhouse Fresh soaks, scrubs, masks and butters, your enjoyment of the season will reach new heights. Our luxury seasonal delight services are sure to bring the essence of the season to you.
Nail Dip: $43+
An adhesive base which is dipped in fine colored powder and then sealed with a special top coat. Drying is instant and should last 14 days or more in real-life everyday use.
Nail Dip: Add Tips$10+
Nail Dip: Add French Tips$10+
Nail Dip: Dip Removal$10+
Nail Dip: Fill In$21+
Polish Change$10+
Product Removal for Gel/Polish$5+

Add-ons to Accompany Your Service:

French Polish$5+
Shellac Polish$13+
Add Shellac Polish with another nail service$7
Nail Design$5+ per nail
Seasonal Delight Hand Treatment$15+
Seasonal Delight Foot Treatment$20+
Nail Trim only$10


Swedish Massage
45 min ⋅ $59 | 60 min ⋅ $72+ | 90 min ⋅ $107+ | 120 min ⋅ $142+
Swedish massage is known as the "classic massage" and is sought for its slow, gentle glides. Enjoy the long, flowing strokes as it eases stress, increase flexibility, and boost your immune system. This light massage is the perfect way to unwind!
Deep Tissue Massage
45 min ⋅ $67 | 60 minutes ⋅ $82+ | 90 minutes ⋅ $117+ | 120 minutes ⋅ $162+
Deep Tissue massage focuses on loosening tightness in the body with strong, deep pressure and applies certain techniques to specific complaints. While Deep Tissue is intense, it is beneficial for individuals who are recovering from sport injuries and those who are in constant pain. Those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle spasms, and headaches experience great relief through this massage. Feel pain free with Deep Tissue!
Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes ⋅ $97+ | 90 minutes ⋅ $137+
Hot Stone massage eases muscle stiffness with the healing touch of smooth,warm stones. Let the heat envelope you, improving circulation that can relieve chronic pain such as Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. Hot Stone melts away tension offering the relaxation you need.
Prenatal Massage
Prenatal Massage can relieve many of the aches and pains of pregnancy. It addresses the specific areas of discomfort such as backaches, leg cramps, and headaches. It encourages blood flow and relaxes the body for a better night's sleep. Pamper yourself with this tranquil massage! *For 2nd and 3rd trimesters only
Cold Marble Face Massage
30 minutes ⋅ $57+
Massage of the neck, shoulders, head and face, along with the use of cold marble stones to target pressure points for headache & sinus relief. Warm towels & essential oils are incorporated. Choose between lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus.
Sinus | Headache Relief
30 minutes ⋅ $47+
A massage of the scalp & neck, with trigger point therapy. Warm towels & essential oils are incorporated.
Active Lifestyle Relief Massage
60 minutes ⋅ $92+ | 90 minutes ⋅ $127+ | 120 minutes ⋅ $172+
For athletes, active clients, or those recovering from past injuries. Entails a combination of massage, along with active isolated stretching.
Moda Vita's Ultimate Massage
90 minutes ⋅ $172+ | 120 minutes ⋅ $217+
For ultimate pampering. A hands on massage with hot stones used on back, along with hot towels on back & feet, basic reflexology, a cold marble facial massage, & essential oils used throughout for an increased sensory experience.
Couples Massage
Any of our 60, 90, or 120 minute massages are available to enjoy with a friend or significant other. Please request our couples room upon scheduling.
Reflexology Massage
30 minutes ⋅ $42+ | 60 minutes ⋅ $72+
Reflexology Massage is the art of massaging the feet, hands,or ears to stimulate nerve endings and energy pathways that correspond to every part of the body. Reflexology helps relieve toe pain, ankle injuries, and plantar fasciitis. By massaging the foot, calf, and upper leg, it can also decrease anxiety and stiffness in the entire body. Have your feet feeling like it's walking on air!
Packages are available...Buy 3 and save 10%...Buy 5 or more and save $15%!

Body Waxing

Full Arm$45+
Half Leg$40+
Full Leg$65+
French (Bikini plus a half inch more)$45+
Brazilian (Typically leaving a thin strip)$65+

Spa Packages

Total Relaxation$105+
A mini-vacation in one afternoon. Includes a Mini Facial, 30 minute, Massage & Manicure.
Love Yourself$145+
Can you think of anyone who deserves it more than you? Indulge yourself with this Spa Manicure & Pedicure, 45 minute Massage & Citrus Body Polish.
Farmhouse Fresh$176+
Includes a Farmhouse Fresh Facial, 60 minute Swedish massage, and a Butter Rum or Caramel Coffee Body Treatment.
Sugar Delights$77+
Includes a Pumpkin Spice or Ginger Sweet Tea Manicure and Pedicure .
Couples Getaway$195+
Two 60 minute Swedish massages and two Traditional Pedicures.
Bare Beauty$98 or $125+
1/2 Leg Wax, French Bikini or Brazilian Wax, Brow Wax.
Customized Bridal Packages
Call us to set up a time to come in and discuss all of our available services and we will work with you to create a package that suits your needs.

Body Treatments & Massage Add-ons to Accompany Your Service

Sugar Scrub$55 ⋅ $40 added to any Massage
A perfect accompaniment to any massage is our customized essential oil and sugar blend full body treatment. A refreshing way to exfoliate and hydrate, while leaving your skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth.
Seasonal Delight Body Treatment $65 ⋅ $50 added to any Massage
Indulge in the scents of the season with our Farmhouse Fresh Delights. Includes an organic and aromatic full body sugar scrub followed by a full body butter cream application to leave your skin delightfully refreshed and moisturized.
Deep Heat with Biofreeze$15+
Deep Heat or better known as Prossage is a unique, warming oil that is used in deep tissue work and is effective in myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Biofreeze is applied afterwards, which is a pain relieving gel that reduces inflammation and treats any muscle soreness.
Hot Stone Treatment$15+
Hot stones are placed along the spine to promote immediate relaxation. Helps to warm the muscles and relax the mind, enhancing your full massage experience.
LightStim LED light Therapy for Pain$10-$40+
An FDA approved treatment to temporarily relieve arthritic pain, muscle and joint pain, and stiffness. This spot specific therapy also accelerates healing even for sprained areas, muscle strains, cuts and bruises.
Cold Stone Face Massage$15+
Cold Stone Face Massage helps the mind let go of stress and dwell on the cool, soothing stones. Cold Stone eases nasal swelling, sinus congestion, and TMJ. It also improves circulation, gives relief with headaches and migraines, and helps the body to relax.
Aromatherapy - Peppermint Essential Oil$5+
Peppermint oil improves mental clarity, clears congestion, asthma, quite headaches, and so much more.
Aromatherapy - Eucalyptus Essential Oil$5+
Eucalyptus oil can do wonders for your overall well-being. It's a great way to get rid of a cough or help fight illnesses such as the flu. The oil can help increase circulation, regulate blood pressure, and cool down the body. Treat your fatigue muscles with a gentle massage of Eucalyptus oil.
Aromatherapy - Lavender Essential Oil$5+
Lavender oil is more than a sweet, calming aroma. It is one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world. Lavender is beneficial for insomnia, stress, and headaches. It also is good for aching muscles, respiratory infections, and eases breathing. This amazing oil offers so much healing relief!

Gentleman's Packages

Golfer's Retreat$200+
60 min Active Lifestyle Relief Massage, Gentleman’s Facial, Men’s Maintenance Manicure & Pedicure
Brew and Renew$105+
45 min Swedish Massage, Men’s Maintenance Pedicure, Men’s Haircut, Complimentary Beer & Pretzels Served During Pedi
Chest or Back Wax, Male Bikini, Brow Wax