Makeup & Customized Spray Tanning

Bring out your inner beauty with a makeover by our artists.

Makeup & Customized Spray Tanning

Makeup Application$35+
Makeup Application with Instruction$65+
Special Occasion Makeup$60+
Spray Tan$35+

Directions for Spray Tanning:

18 To 24 hours before your Session

It is very important to exfoliate with gentle spa grade exfoliants (SJOLIE Body Scrub) If you do not have a suitable Body Scrub, it is recommended to use shampoo and a Loofah for the exfoliation process. Make sure to shave all areas that you normally shave. If you Wax, this needs to be done at least 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE.

Day of Session

No Lotions, Make Up, Deodorant, Perfume, or any other products should be used after the final shower before your appointment. (Which should be done 4 HOURS before your appointment) These products can, and more than likely WILL, create a barrier for the Sunless Tanning Solution.

What you should wear after your session

Dark loose fitting clothing. Tight fitting clothing with rub on the skin and could affect the overall outcome of your tan.At Moda Vita we have a bottoms policy. Meaning, you must wear some sort of bottom for you safety. example- thongs, bikini bottoms, undergarments or whatever you are most comfortable in. Tops are optional.

Further Questions can be answered by the Front Desk.